Let me tell you about my courses

At the "Palette and Chisels" you can take part in a number of courses, workshops or individual coaching sessions. We offer an opportunity to discover your inner artist while enjoying a holiday by the lake Garda. Our creative getaways are planned for the second week of each month, during which time we encourage our guests to engage with a variety of techniques in drawing, watercolour, and oil-painting. Of course many of you will have families, partners, children and pets. You may be wondering what to do with the rest of your family while you are creating masterpieces and enjoying our wonderful Mediterranean micro-climate. Partners(creative or otherwise), and children are welcome. We have a swimming pool, and some materials suitable for children. In the interests of children staying, we do not accommodate pets.

An important feature of our creative getaways is the size of groups we cater for; we set a minimum of 4 participants to ensure some exchange of ideas, a little cross-polination, and we set a maximum of 8 Participants to ensure that everyone's needs can be met - both in and out of the studio.

Our creative getaways are aimed at beginners, but everyone is welcome. We recomend that you ask for a detailed description of the activities planned for the time you intend to book, as excursions and field trips will be organized on a very flexible basis. We try to accomodate everybody's wishes - and that means your wishes. This is not easy to do on a last-minute or ad hoc basis, and we do ask that you let us know at least 14 days in advance of any particular wishes you may have - including (but not limited to) emphasis on particular techniques, field trips (within reason) to a particular destination, individual tuition or advice, or the use of particular materials.

For an idea of what a typical week at the "Palette and Chisels" looks like:


The price for all this? A modest EUR 1,100 per person per 7 days. Included are:

  • all materials,
  • drinks, meals and travel on excursion / field trips.(Drinks are limited to one alcoholic beverage, otherwise two beverages. The rest is up to you!)
  • Bed and Breakfast at the "Palette and Chisels" B&B.
  • Lunch with us at the "Palette and Chisels".
  • Dinner with us at the "Palette and Chisels".

This price is based on shared occupancy of rooms. For single occupancy of a double room a surcharge of EUR 20 / night and for single occupancy of a twin room a surcharge of EUR 30 / night will be charged.

Non-participating guests will be charged EUR 750 exclusive of pool watch and baby sitting!

Please use the booking form to ask for more details or to ask any questions you may have. No credit card details are asked for on this website. Ever. Course 1 refers to next month's creative getaway, course 2 refers to the getaway the month after that. Dates on request.


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