A typical creative week at the "palette 'n chisels"

Sunday arrival at the "Palette and Chisels". We get to know each other a little, and discuss the planning for the week ahead. Any excursions needing advanced booking (I'm thinking of transport) will have been booked by now as I have to organize a driver, not myself being in possession of a driving license. Last minute alterations may cost extra! That being said, if you would like to "do your own thing" a little more, spend more time on a particular project, or simply go off on your own, now is an ideal moment to mention it!


Morning after a relaxed breakfast on the patio we shall discuss sketching and drawing, and using photos as reference material. We set up our first watercolour sketch. From the "Palette and Chisels" there is a magnificent view across the lake, and the Rock of Manerba provides a particularly worthwhile subject. Lunch will be served at the "Palette and Chisels".

Afternoon we take a walk along the beach, with our sketchbooks, to Manerba, where there is a wonderful view of the lake and the mountains to the North. Again an opportunity to get out the sketch pad and pencils. In Manerba we shall enjoy an aperitif, before setting off back along the beach to the "Palette and Chisels".

Dinner will be served on the patio.

Evening we go to the nearby Santuario della Madonna del Carmine, a romanesqe church just outside the village center, built in 1460 and run by the Carmelite Friars. Again an excuse (as if we needed one!) to get busy with our sketch books and pencils.


Morning after a relaxed breakfast on the patio we shall set up our easels and start translating our first sketch into an oil painting. I will take this opportunity to demonstrate the stretching of a canvass. Especially for those new to oil painting I shall make sure that everyone gets off to a good start. Lunch will be served on the patio at the "Palette and Chisels".

Afternoon This afternoon we continue painting, under the watchful eye of yours truly. For those of you who would like tutorials in glazing, please think about a subject for your painting this evening.

Dinner will be served on the patio.

The evening program is on the subject of glazing - one of the main reasons we use oil paints.


After an early breakfast we discuss (briefly) the day's excursion to Riva.

After lunch at a local restaurant we will have a free afternoon, those who would like further guidance and help drawing and painting should stay close. We gather again at 18:30 or thereabouts for aperitifs before setting off on the return journey to the "Palette and Chisels".


Some of you will want to finish drawings, sketches and paintings you have already begun, others will be looking forward to starting something fresh. Today I shall introduce you to the joys of still-life painting, I shall briefly mention the role of studies and preliminary drawings, and we shall see that the old masters made frequent use of the golden mean to set up their paintings. Lunch and diner will be served on the patio.


This morning we shall make an early start, and go to the southern end of the lake to visit Sirmione, a picturesque town on a longish peninsula, providing photo opportunities and more sketching and drawing practise. After lunch, we return to the "Palette and Chisels" to spend the afternoon painting.

Dinner will be served on the patio.


Today we shall put the finishing touches to our paintings. Doubtless some of us will wish to explore the local - and perhaps not so local scenery on their own.

A farewell lunch will be served on the patio.

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